Will Edit for Food

After a light summer workload, I am ready to be busy again! The kids are back in school and my days are free to work. And I want to work! I love helping authors perfect a story. Errors literally make me twitch when I come across them while reading or just out in the world and I get a sick thrill out of eliminating mistakes. Sort of like an exterminator for bad grammar.
The roster of authors I work with has changed some in recent months and I find myself with openings where I am normally up to my eyeballs in books to edit. I have some big changes pending in my personal life and keeping busy in my work life would be a relief.
Current clients get discounts on their next project when they refer someone who signs a contract with me. And I don't mind one-offs. Your editor is overbooked or sick? Hit me up and let's discuss getting your project done and published!
Have an already published work that needs a spit-shine and polish (aka proofreading)? I offer special rates for already published books that need a little love.
I work quickly and I am open to odd requests. Just send an email to rawbookediting@gmail.com
Let's fill my calendar and put some more books out into the world!

Here we are again months later and I'm finally posting an update. The Raw Editing Calendar has been FULL and we have been busy, busy. ...