Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does editing usually take?
A. For copy or developmental editing projects under 100K words – the first round takes 5-7 days before the file is returned to you for any rewrites and corrections. Once you have approved changes and done your rewrites, we will do another round of edits that take a day or two. When both parties are satisfied, the proofreader will be sent the corrected file to do a thorough reading for any typos or errors that may slip through the cracks. The proofread takes about 3-4 days depending on schedules. Provided you (the author) are quick to make corrections and rewrites the whole process takes about 2 full weeks to get us from the first round of copy edits to a final, proofed copy. Please note: Developmental edits take a similar amount of time, but please allow additional time for copy edits and proofreading to follow. We recommend allowing at least 30 days for a full cycle of edits— developmental, copy edits, and proofreading.

Q. Who do you recommend for formatting, covers, graphics, trailers, etc.?
Parajunkee Design & Publishing does an amazing job at all those things and more!

Q. Do I have to use your proofreader?
A. No. Proofreading by another set of eyes is included at no cost to you with our editing services. We use "another set of eyes" who have never been exposed to a file to ensure mistakes are not overlooked. It is very easy to miss something when you have read or looked at a text before. Fresh eyes ensure better quality. You can use your own, but our prices do not change. If you elect to use another proofreader and want a “second set of eyes” to review it one more time, there will be an additional charge.

Q. How do I know we will work well together?
A. A sample edit of no more than 2,500 words can be completed before contracts are completed to judge our cohesiveness as a team.

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