New Year, New Projects

With the new year just a couple days away, we wanted to extend our appreciation and gratitude to our clients for their trust in us with their book babies. We love helping authors complete a project and get to the finish line with a book they can take pride in. And we are looking forward to continuing our work in 2020. We have officially added a second editor to our staff to meet the need from new to us authors. Sarah has been with Raw Book editing in various capacities over the last couple years and she's excited to take on new work.
We are open to new clients from all genres, though, we have a fondness for romance. Our calendar has openings available for all services. We look forward to working with old friends and new in the new year.

Is it summer yet?

Raw Book Editing has been undergoing a few changes behind the scenes in recent months. Updates to the site will be coming, but don't expect more frequent posts from me. I'm busy editing, or reading, or being a wife and mom. Websites are so not my forte. Words are my thing.
We still offer developmental editing and copy editing, as well as proofreading services. Primarily, we work with writers in the romance genre, though we have recently branched out to urban fantasy and thrillers. We have enjoyed those projects so much that we welcome discussing your project, whatever it may be, and how we can help you put out a spectacular piece of fiction. Whether it's a reverse harem novel, a thriller, an erotic otherworld romance, or a contemporary romance; Raw Book Editing's staff has you covered.

Here we are again months later and I'm finally posting an update. The Raw Editing Calendar has been FULL and we have been busy, busy. Lots of new clients and projects that have filled our days.
With the holidays approaching, I wanted to say thank you to all who have sent inquiries or signed on as new clients in 2018. This has been a great year and I cannot wait to see what my authors bring me in 2019! This year has been a wealth of new paranormal stories with all manner of supernatural beings. And plenty of erotic romance, as well.
This year also saw a change in our proofreading prices and that opened our staff up to new ventures with new to us names. Need some proofing done? Give us a shout and we'll get you on the schedule.
I'm looking forward to more excitement and new stories in 2019 and who knows? I just might publish a little something of my own.
Happy holidays, friends!
Thanks for your support!

Long time, No post

When I got this site up and running, I knew I would be terrible at remembering to update it and add posts. I had lofty goals and thoughts of reviews, grammar tips and posts about the writing and publishing world in general.

Obviously, those goals were shot when I left the site hanging for months and months. I'm a bit better at updating my Facebook page, but not by much.

The truth is I don't want to update a website constantly. I like to read books, talk books, edit books and be with my people. If it's outside of that, I tend to slack and put things off.  

We've recently updated our proofreading prices. These prices make it a great deal if you want to clean up a back catalog, or if you're not super thrilled with the lack of polish another editor provided.
The new prices are by length and the turnaround for a proofread is still less than 4 days.

Rather than charge by the page like our other services, proofreading will be charged based on word count as follows:
Up to 50K words= $75
51K-75K= $85
75K-100K= $110
101K-125K= $135

That's all for now. I'll try (don't hold your breath) to update more often. 

I caved!

I now have a business page on Facebook. I tried to resist having another thing to admin, but Facebook made a page for me and kept pestering me to update it. In an effort to be more social and hopefully fill some holes in my editing schedule, I did it. I have a Facebook page. Now I'll just have to remember to post on it often.
Come see me there and tell your friends!
Watch for a special deal on proofreading back catalog books!

Will Edit for Food

After a light summer workload, I am ready to be busy again! The kids are back in school and my days are free to work. And I want to work! I love helping authors perfect a story. Errors literally make me twitch when I come across them while reading or just out in the world and I get a sick thrill out of eliminating mistakes. Sort of like an exterminator for bad grammar.
The roster of authors I work with has changed some in recent months and I find myself with openings where I am normally up to my eyeballs in books to edit. I have some big changes pending in my personal life and keeping busy in my work life would be a relief.
Current clients get discounts on their next project when they refer someone who signs a contract with me. And I don't mind one-offs. Your editor is overbooked or sick? Hit me up and let's discuss getting your project done and published!
Have an already published work that needs a spit-shine and polish (aka proofreading)? I offer special rates for already published books that need a little love.
I work quickly and I am open to odd requests. Just send an email to
Let's fill my calendar and put some more books out into the world!

I wrote a book, now what?

Getting an idea from head to paper/screen is the biggest hurdle in the writing game. If you've done that, then you're well on your way to having a book to show for it. Well done, you. Just remember, a first draft is NOT what should be sent to an editor. That would be a waste of time and money. The web is full of grammar and editing help sites.  Find a process that works for you and get that draft cleaned up until it represents the best of your abilities. Use beta readers, critique partners, whoever can remain neutral and honest with you about what they're reading. Make that manuscript shine.
To assist my clients with the self-editing process, I provide a checklist with some general advice and also custom items on the list that pertain to an author's specific quirks and habits. And I have seen an improvement in quality from authors who use the checklists. Do what works for you, but find ways to improve your craft. Ernest Hemingway said, "We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." As apprentices, we should constantly be learning and growing in our skills.

Once that manuscript is all shiny and you have an editor and contract in place, sit back and be open to changes and corrections. At the same time, don't beat yourself up over an editor's comments. Remember, an editor makes suggested changes. It's up to you -the author- to agree and make changes accordingly. Ultimately, it's your work. That's why it is so important to find an editor whose style meshes with yours. A good editor wants to improve the quality of a piece of writing and help build a writer up, not tear a writer to bits and trash their work.
I choose to work with authors in the genres I enjoy reading. This makes my work enjoyable while also giving me an insight into the market. This allows me to have better advice and points of reference to support my suggestions. So, again, choose an editor that believes in you and what you're trying to produce.

Once you have a work ready to publish, you'll need a cover and formatting for the method/platforms in which you choose to publish. Think of this as the packaging. Don't skimp. Covers can sometimes make or break a book's success. And formatting is not just for the technical part of "making" a book. It's also about how pretty or original you decide to make your chapter headings and the extra bits.
As for the next part of "how to make a book", I'm not gonna go there. I'm not an expert by any means. I like to read and revise books. Selling them is out of my league. I imagine the same kind advice applies, though. Do your research, remember it's your work, and keep on learning.