Long time, No post

When I got this site up and running, I knew I would be terrible at remembering to update it and add posts. I had lofty goals and thoughts of reviews, grammar tips and posts about the writing and publishing world in general.

Obviously, those goals were shot when I left the site hanging for months and months. I'm a bit better at updating my Facebook page, but not by much.

The truth is I don't want to update a website constantly. I like to read books, talk books, edit books and be with my people. If it's outside of that, I tend to slack and put things off.  

We've recently updated our proofreading prices. These prices make it a great deal if you want to clean up a back catalog, or if you're not super thrilled with the lack of polish another editor provided.
The new prices are by length and the turnaround for a proofread is still less than 4 days.

Rather than charge by the page like our other services, proofreading will be charged based on word count as follows:
Up to 50K words= $75
51K-75K= $85
75K-100K= $110
101K-125K= $135

That's all for now. I'll try (don't hold your breath) to update more often.